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New exam questions for the PPL(A) Private Pilot Examination at the CAA

In January 2020, the CAA has completely changed the set of exam questions, significantly expanding their number and each question now has 4 possible answers.

We have prepared this new set of questions to best match the new question wording and you can access the new questions as part of our PPL theory course to ensure you are fully prepared or you can also purchase it here separately.

Here you will find the best preparation for passing these exams. The application contains almost 90 % of the range of exam questions at the CAA.

If you answer these questions 90 % correctly, then the questions in the theory exam will no longer surprise you.

How do the different exam modes work?

Study mode

For questions in the study mode, the correct answer is displayed after the question is answered, so you know immediately if you have answered correctly and can learn the questions efficiently. In each subject, all available questions are shown (the total number is shown next to the subject name). The questions are always in the same order (so you know where you eventually ended up), but the answers are sorted randomly.

The system is set up to evaluate the successful completion of the course in study mode if you answer 85 % of the questions correctly.

Final exam

The final exams for the subjects are in the same format as those issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, i.e. a random selection of a few questions from the whole database, the correct answer is no longer displayed for the question and you only find out the result at the end of the test, just like in the real exam. There is a time limit for the test. There is no limit to the number of tests you can take.

You must pass the CAA test with a minimum of 75 %. You can retake each subject up to 4 times. But you will not need to do this again. 🙂

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